8 most stressful cities in Africa

Nigeria’s largest city is the most stressful city to live in on the African continent.This was contained in a global survey conducted by Germany-based wellness brand Vaay across 100 cities.

According to Vaay, the “Least and Most Stressful Cities Index 2021 compares and analyses 100 global cities for indicators related to stress. The cities were chosen for their size and significance, as well as for their availability of reliable and comparable data. The study consists of 4 broad categories – governance, city, finance and citizens’ health – each made up of individual stress indicators that determine how stressful a city is to live in.”

The ranking was done from the least stressful city to the most stressful. The least stressful city in the world, according to the research, is Reykjavik, Iceland. On the global front, Mumbai was found the “most stressful” city to live in.

In Africa, Lagos was the number one stressful city on the continent, ranking 99 right before Mumbai, which took the 100th position.

Below are the most stressful cities in Africa and their ranking on the “Least and Most Stressful Cities Index 2021.”

1. Lagos

Country: Nigeria

Global position: 99

2. Cairo

Country: Egypt

Global position: 88

3. Dakar

Country: Senegal

Global position: 84

4. Nairobi

Country: Kenya

Global position: 80

5. Casablanca

Country: Morocco

Global position: 79

6. Algiers

Country: Algeria

Global position: 78

7. Cape Town

Country: South Africa

Global position: 51

8. Johannesburg

Country: South Africa