Afghan minister becomes bicycle courier in Germany after moving there for better life following Taliban takeover

After fleeing Afghanistan in search of a better life, a former communications minister in the Afghan government is now a delivery man in the eastern city of Leipzig.

Sayed Sadaat moved to Germany in December of last year in search of a better future.

According to Reuters, he stated that some people in Afghanistan criticized him for taking such a job after serving in the government for two years and leaving office in 2018.

“I have nothing to be ashamed of,” the 49-year-old dual British-Afghan citizen said.

According to Reuters, he left the Afghan government due to disagreements with members of the president’s inner circle.

“I hope other politicians follow in my footsteps, working with the public rather than hiding,” he added.

Though Sadaat was mocked for leaving to work as a delivery man, those at home are now hoping to leave after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan’s government.

 Sadaat’s family and friends are hoping to join the thousands of others on evacuation flights or looking for alternative routes out of Afghanistan.

Sadaat stated that he chose to relocate to Germany because he believes it will have a better economic future and will play a leading role in the telecom and IT sectors in the long run.

Despite his background, Sadaat has struggled to find a job in Germany that matches his qualifications.

Sadaat had hoped to find work in a related field after earning degrees in IT and telecommunications. His chances were slim, however, because he didn’t speak the language.

“The language is the most important aspect,” Sadaat stated.

Every day, he spends four hours at a language school before beginning a six-hour evening shift delivering meals for Lieferando, a company he joined this summer.