‘Return your official cars and properties, you’re barred from travelling outside’ – Doumbouya tells judges who approved Alpha Conde’s third term

Struggling over the military organisation and President Condé’s crumpling legality set the scene for Colonel Doumbouya’s coup. Several years after being sworn into office by judges in vermilion and ermine, President Alpha Condé of Guinea turned the captive of an elite military division that thronged the presidential palace in the minor hours of 5 September.

Human freedoms worsened steadily during Condé’s next term, with regular oppression of opponents, a growing number of political incarcerations and often fatal clashes between the security troops and youthful demonstrators.  Last year proved extremely vicious, with scores of protesters shot by the security forces.

As he was re-elected for a second term, he increasingly concentrated on initiating the process for a constitutional referendum in March 2020, to ditch term limits so he could stand for the third period in office.

The referendum, a heavily manipulated event, cleared the way for his predictable triumph in October’s tightly organize a presidential debate, challenged by many opponents.

There is an ongoing shake-up in Guinea as the Mamady administration has promised to root out corruption from the Supreme Court judges. The new gov’t had directed all former gov’t appointees to submit their passports to prevent them from traveling. Gov’t vehicles in the hands, as well as their private properties which were acquired during their term in office, were constituted.

The judges of the Supreme Court of Guinea which approved Alpha Conde’s 3rd term have been ordered to return their official cars and properties. The passport of the president of the court has been confiscated and the owner barred from traveling outside Guinea. The order came with a picture of the president of the Supreme Court judge and other judges with the former president Alpha Conde!


A portion of text curated from cbgist.com