Agriculture Minister claims there’s no food shortage in Ghana

Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto, chastise critics blaming the agriculture sector for poor performance resulting in the high cost of food items in Ghana.

The Agriculture Ministry has been heavily criticized in the face of the country’s economic difficulties, particularly in regards to food shortages.

The criticism stems from the Minister’s famous statement two years ago that the price of a bunch of plantains varies between GHS3, GHS4 and GHS5.

The Minister of Food and Agriculture said that his ministry is the only one among all that has performed admirably in the face of adversity.

He said “People wrongfully say there is food shortage, there is no food shortage in Ghana.

“If you look at all the sectors, the agric sector stands out as the sector which is doing well.”

Clarifying his point on whether a bunch of plantains is still sold at GHS5, the Minister replied, “I said that 2 years ago. Things have changed.”

He clarified that his ministry is doing everything possible through the planting for food and jobs initiative to alleviate the country’s rising food prices and scarcity due to global factors.