Adehyeman Royal Cultural Troupe Trills More Tourist at the Art Festival

We all know how cultural group is defined as it simply a collection of individuals who share a core set of beliefs, patterns of behavior, and values. Despite the size or the quantity of the groups they are still   identified by their traditional ways of doing things and  behaving.
I can firmly confirm  that Adehyeman Royal Cultural troupe is one of the best traditional  cultural group found in Ghana and with a high records of good performance, nominations , and endorsements and their unique style of delivery has won the heart of many tourist across the world .
The group is specialized in contemporary traditional music and dance.  With a high profile members like  Yaw Adu Gyamfi, Samuel Sarkodie and a lead Vocalist and dancer Beatrice Essien.
The group on the Saturday 1st of may 2021 was billed as a surprise guests at the Cape coast art and cultural festival which is supported by the Ghana tourism authority and the Africa Art Society, it was a virtually displayed program which was broadcast live via Facebook ,YouTube and other social media streaming platform as the group made a very creative and energetic performance which has got people talking and has driving so much following and buzz to the brand of the group. 
Irrespective of the language barrier and the diversity of  ethnic differences in Ghana , the only common thing we can all share is a common cultural dance and Music. as Ghana and the entire Africa nations are  highly noticed with its cultural and royal heritage not just  that ,but music and traditional dance is commonly known and accepted  as well as our primary  identity.