Alordia Promotions embarked on a successful Media Tour in Ghana prior to GMA UK 21

Alordia Promotions has cemented his spots through out the journey in the music space and the creative art industry. vibrantly in the field of music and the  event factory, He is noticed  widely by his consistence musical concert especially the awards events among which includes the most decorated scheme The Ghana Music awards UK.

Even though the covid crises is a major cause of the detriment of many event in the industry , not just that it has shockingly  contributed to the termination of other sponsorship and partnership between the event organizers and the cooperate companies. Just as the Ghana music awards UK was postponed due to the higher records of the covid 19 across Europe, Ghana and the world.

it stands to be a perfect result this season as the covid 19 vaccines, and other secured preventive measures are well placed to help fight the covid diseases. since the Ghana Music wards uk last year the 2020 was postponed due to the rise of the covid . The CEO of the scheme Ghana Music Awards  UK  Alordia promotions has  embarked on a successful media tour in Ghana to address the people and the stake holders about the upcoming event the Ghana music awards UK  which is scheduled on the 9th of October 2021. as it stands out to be  the ultimate Ghana’s most celebrated music festival in the united kingdom. 

Among some of the radio station Alordia Promotions visited to promotes the event and address the public was Raybow radio,Zylofone FM, Onua TV and many more,  He also advised Ghanaians and empowered them to be extra careful and be obedient to follow the covid 19 preventive and safety protocol measures put in place by the authorities. This years GMA UK will be something worth discussing and much better cultural experience than the previous ones he said.