Can Hajia Bintu win you a Grammy award? – Kwadwo Sheldon questions Shatta Wale

Youtuber Kwadwo Sheldon has responded to Shatta Wale after he called him out during a live video yesterday.

The failure of any Ghanaian artiste to win a Grammy got a lot of people talking and resulted to some even trolling Shatta Wale who sometime ago bragged about winning a Grammy for the country because of his collaboration with Beyonce.

Seems the troll got to Shatta who went live to vent his anger at some entertainment personalities and even at a point mentioned Kwadwo Sheldon’s name.

According to Shatta Wale, how do people expect any artiste from Ghana to win a Grammy when the likes of Kwadwo Sheldon and others have programmes such as ‘Yawa of the day’ which is just to tarnish an artistes creative work.

Kwadwo Sheldon has finally responded to Shatta Wale asking him if he was aiming for Grammy’s with his Hajia Bintu song.

He tweeted: “H3 de Hajia Bintu gye Grammy? Nkwasiafour”

See screenshot of his post below: