Diana Asamoah under fire over free SHS, armed robbers analogy

Gospel singer Evangelist Diana Asamoah has come under intense criticism from a section of Ghanaians, especially activists of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) for saying that without the implementation of the free Senior High School policy by the Akufo-Addo administration, beneficiaries of the policy would have been armed robbers.

Speaking on UTV, Ms Asamoah said that all graduates from Junior High Schools(JHSs) would have been armed robbers without the free SHS policy.

Her comment has not gone down well with many Ghanaians, especially members of the opposition NDC.

Below are some reactions to her claims

“Is this woman an armed robber? Which secondary school did she attend?

Until 2017/18, SHS wasn’t totally free.

To say that without Free SHS, the beneficiaries would’ve become armed robbers is thoughtless.

After JHS, many choose other routes to pursue their vocations, they don’t become armed robbers. Some become masons, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, drivers, hairdressers and musicians like this woman.

Free SHS is good. It must be supported, improved and done well to improve not just the quantity but quality of SHS outputs.

But, let not ignoramuses like this emotional screaming singer not diffuse her ignorance into the public sphere simply because by our standards she’s a celebrity,” Communication Specialist, Raymond Ablorh lashed out.

Other persons have vehemently disagreed with her assertions.

Executive Director of ASEPA, a Civil Society Organisation, Mensah Thompson noted that having senior high school education does not necessarily guarantee success in life:

“Dear Diana Asamoah,

I am one of three close friends who went to the same JSS, after our results came, one of us was placed in a school in the North, the other got a placement of his choice but had always wanted to learn a trade.

These two colleagues of mine decided to enroll in an apprenticeship program, whiles I proceeded to St. Augustine’s College in Cape-Coast.

I remember in those days I felt as the luckiest one among them, especially when school vacates and we all met up again in the neighborhood, I was respected more by the community of course…

Dear, Diana over 15 years on, I come to tell you that my two friends are NOT armed robbers.

All two friends are currently doing way better than me now.

One went to learn shoe-making, he graduated three years later and started his own small shop, he made contacts with people in Togo and Burkina who came all the way to buy his handmade shoes and sandals on wholesale to sell.

I opened my mouth the day I saw his shop in Kumasi for the first time.

The other learnt Capentry and today, he owns one of the biggest kitchen cabinet shops in Kumasi.

All two are married with kids, I can’t even afford a wedding!

And oh, Diana the UTV platform you sat on to make these fictitious slanderous comments was built by someone who didn’t enjoy Free SHS or no SHS at all…

Mr.Kwame Despite didn’t end up an armed robber, did he?

But wait oo sister Diana, you koraa are you a “gospel armed robber”…?

Of course even you yourself did not end up an armed robber or a prostitute…or you say we should go to ‘Heblews’???” He explained.

Source: MyNewsGh.com/Stephen Zoure/2020