I had to lick my wife’s “akosua kuma” to turn her on – Brother Sammy

Ghanaian Gospel musician Brother Sammy has made some shocking revelation about his marriage stating that he had to lick the honey pot of his wife on their honeymoon.

The self acclaimed nation’s number one worshipper in an interview with Kofi TV revealed he had to do that save his marriage.

ccording to brother Sammy, on the first night of their honeymoon as he drew closer to his beautiful wife to make love, he tried many ways but his wife was still not turned on.

After the many attempts to turn his wife on had failed he approached her and asked her what the matter is as she is not showing any signs of enjoying what he is doing.

Brother Sammy divulged that his wife then boldly told him that the only way to turn her on is to lick her honey pot.

The Gospel musician said he had no choice but to do the desires of his wife even though he had not done that before.

According to him he did that to save his marriage because if he had not done that, his wife would have probably gone for another man.

The Gospel musician who is in his 10th year in marriage added that most marriages are collapsing due to the fact that many turn to take things to be spiritual even at love making.