Jennifer Hudson made history Sunday night by winning the Tony awards

Jennifer Hudson made history by joining an elite few who have won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and a Tony Award (EGOT) in their career.

Hudson already had an Emmy, Grammy and Oscar and on Sunday she won a Tony, due to her role as a co-producer of “A Strange Loop” which won for best musical.

In 2020, she joked to People magazine about the plan to join the less than 20 people who hold such a crowning achievement.

She said “I got a dog and named it Oscar, and then I won my Oscar. And then I got a dog and named it Grammy, and then I won my Grammy,so I think I should get some dogs and name them Emmy and Tony — and it’ll give me good luck, and I’ll win [They’re] like my good luck charms.”

Hudson won a 2007 best supporting actress Oscar for her role in “Dreamgirls, two Grammys (best R&B album in 2009 and best musical theater album for the musical “The Color Purple in 2017), and last year she snagged a Daytime Emmy for the animated short “Baba Yag,” which she helped voice and co-produced.