Oboy Siki Says He Has Slept With More Than 3000 Women

Dada Santo, popularly known as Oboy Siki, has disclosed that he stopped counting how many women he has slept with but he believe that he has slept with more than 3000 women.

The veteran actor was interviewed by Delay, she asked him if it was true that he has slept with more than 2,000 women as it has been reported.

The Popular Kumawood actor said the figure the host mentioned was inadequate. He stated categorically that he is not bragging or chasing clout with the numbers he is mentioning.

He said he has kept a record of the women he slept with since his youthful days. And when his diary is full he changes to another.

Oboy Siki added that he sleeps with about five women a day.

“If you say 2,000, I don’t understand because it is more than that. I have stopped recording. I have documents. After I reached 2,500, I stopped counting. I didn’t continue, but if I gauge I have hit about 3,000,” Oboy Siki says with shock on the face of Delay.

“I’m not saying this to brag. I kept that record when I was young. When a diary is full, I put it aside. I’m able to take 5 times a day.”

Oboy Siki recently got Ghanaians talking after he disclosed the number of women he slept with, even in the bush, which he thinks it’s not taboo.

He claims he has slept with all types of women, including some actresses.