Shatta Wale And Medikal Go For ‘Cleansing’ Bath At The Beach After Bail

Shatta Wale, who is standing trial for publishing false news to cause fear and panic, had been handed a one-week remand in his first appearance.

Medikal, on the other hand, was arrested on Thursday, October 21, 2021, the same day Shatta was remanded.

He was put before court for brandishing a gun on social media and remanded for five days after pleading not guilty. The two reappeared and were granted bails in the sums of GHC100,000.

Following their bails, the two went straight to bath at the beach, an act which symbolises cleansing. The two were seen in the midst of others walking to the seashore. They got themselves drenched in seawater.

Prior to his video at the beach, Shatta Wale had been spotted cruising around town in his car. Shatta Wale was seen having fun and smoking in the car. The Melissa hitmaker thanked ‘Allah’ for his mercies and also thanked his supporters for standing behind him in his troubles.

The musician was arrested on Tuesday, October 19, after he and his team (accomplices) circulated false news that he had been shot. Shatta Wale and the three others, who had been arrested earlier, were put before court on Thursday, October 21. They pleaded not guilty to the charge of publication of false news to cause fear and panic and were remanded for one week.

Following the remand sentence, Shatta Wale was transferred from police custody to the Ankaful Prison.

In a video that popped up later, Shatta Wale was spotted taking a stroll through the prison yard with officers surrounding him. The musician was given a hero’s reception by inmates who were excited by his presence in the prison.