Your shoe is Ghc2.50p, but you don’t respect – Shatta Wale drags Arnold Asamoah over highlife saga

Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale exploded on set and asked Arnold to retract his earlier statements calling him (Shatta Wale) inconsistent and confused. Upon Arnold’s refusal, Shatta Wale got angry and mocked his footwear.

There were fireworks on United Showbiz this Saturday, as Arnold Asamoah and Shatta Wale clashed over the highlight saga. According to Shatta Wale, he deserves an apology from the journalist because he criticized him wrongly. Shatta disclosed that he knew Ghana had a unique genre but mistakenly failed to mention it in his State of the Industry Address press conference.

According to him, the unique genre which he is angling for is an umbrella term for all the musical genres present in the country. A musical passport on which all musicians in the country can travel. Shatta Wale then asked Arnold to apologize for the rash comments. But Arnold expressed disbelief at the audacity of the request. Things quickly escalated in the studio, and Shatta Wale dragging Arnold all the way to his shoes.
He said, “An elder like me, you should apologize! Orsi Hwe? Because you see me as your child. Arnold, the money I see you haven’t seen some before. Look at the ugly shoe you are wearing. Your Ghc2.50p shoe. You for respect.”

Even after all the taunting, Arnold stood his ground and by his previous submission. Calm was restored as the conversation on how to brand the music space continued.