John Dumelo dismisses claims he died in a car accident

John Dumelo has dismissed claims that he has  passed away after involvement in a car accident.

In a video, Dumelo responded to the rumours by saying that he is alive and travelling across some farming communities in the Oti Region of Ghana and urge people to dismiss the report.

He said “I’ve heard some rumours about myself being in an accident and I’m no more and so forth. I just want to let everybody know that it is false. I’m currently in Akpafu-Todzi. I’m currently checking out some farming activities here and interacting with the farmers.”

The Actor-turned-politician has constantly been sharing some of his farming expeditions with his social media followers.

He said in the videos “Cabbage farming is profitable but demands a lot of time and dedication. You can use about 8,000gh( seeds, workers, irrigation system, weeds control etc) cultivate an acre and make about 4000gh profit after 4 months. Join me let’s farm!!!”

This is not the first time John Dumelo has been hit with death rumours.

In April 2022, the actor had to assure his fans, followers and friends that he was fine in a YouTube video after similar claims circulated.

“I’ve had a lot of calls, and people have sent me messages about some fake news on YouTube saying that I’m dead. It’s not true; I’m still alive. Today is the 13th of April, 2022. I’m still alive, so just ignore this fake news and let’s all move forward in the Lord,” John Dumelo had said.

The actor also chastised individuals who spread the story, adding that circulating false rumours is not the right approach to get content for a news platform.