18-year-old bride dies on wedding night from heart attack

An 18-year-old newlywed bride has reportedly lost her life after suffering a heart attack during her wedding night.

The couple had their simple marriage ceremony at the husband’s farm during the day.

The young lady and her 29-year old husband were on their honeymoon at Ibirite, Brazil when the unfortunate incident happened.

The new couple were consummating their marriage when the bride complained about not feeling well and collapsed.

The husband hurriedly went out to get a taxi to take his wife to the hospital but they refused to render him any assistance.

According to the husband, he had no choice but to call the ambulance who arrived one hour later.

It was confirmed by the paramedics that the lady had a heart attack when they arrived and found out she was struggling to breathe.

However, she passed away on the way to the hospital and her body showed no signs of attack or violence.

The 18-year-old bride’s death was treated as an accident and the post-mortem examination revealed she had a history of bronchitis.

The neighbours also told the police that they did not hear any screams from the couple’s house before the woman’s demise.