60 percent of Kasoa crimes caused by our people – Nigerian Chief reveals

A Nigerian chief says 60 percent of Nigerians are the cause of Kasoa crimes – Kessington Oledo alleges that the Immigration service extorts monies from Nigerians – This revelation follows hike in crime at Kasoa Nigerians at Kasoa in the Central Region are the cause of 60 percent of all crime cases in the community.

This has been revealed by the Chief of the Nigerian community, Kessington Oledo.

Speaking at the dialogue on national security in Ghana, Oledo explained that police chiefs at Kasoa have contacted him countless times on the development.

“You see, this is a very delicate issue and like you said, references have been made to Nigerians particularly, which are very true because when you go to Kasoa, you see instances where; like I was with the chief of police at Millennium City and he told me: ‘Chief, you have to do something about this; every 10 reported cases at the police station is 6/10 of Nigerians’.

You have six cases of Nigerians in every 10 cases reported at the police station; why is that so?” he lamented.

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