A Ghanaian doctor needs $60,000 for Kidney Transplant else he may die

Mr Attigah a.k.a. Mr. T, as known by many who have visited the Holy Trinity hospital over the last 20years, has touched so many people health-wise and made life better for those who came to seek medical attention.

A little over two years ago, he was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure which led him to retire from service and seek healing for himself.

He has since been on strict diets and kidney dialysis 3 times a week to stay alive.


his however, after 2 years seems to be failing and would require a kidney transplant to survive.

He currently is restricted to less than 500ml of any type of fluid in a day and unable to move freely without assistance.

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A father to many through his work as a nurse over 30 years, his loved ones cannot look on as he endures this pain and have started raising funds to assist in getting him well again.

We ask for your assistance to help Mr T get a kidney transplant estimated at $60,000 in New Dehli, India. (This includes donor, transplant and medication)

Thank you as you give to save a man who has worked all his life to bring healing to families.

Please go over to Go Fund Me and help donate what ever amount you can to help save his life. Thank you.