Adib Saani laments the unchecked locally manufactured firearms in Ghana

Adib Saani has underscored the need for authorities to take steps in preventing the illegal possession and manufacturing of small arms in the Ghana

The Security analyst explained that the illegal local manufacturing sector has become more sophisticated since they are currently manufacturing assault rifles
and AK-47 guns.

He alleged that there are highly sophisticated persons who have invested in the illegal arms trade.

He also asserted that the porous nature of our borders has made it easier for people to smuggle illegal arms into the country.

Mr. Adib Saani said there are several pieces of evidence to prove that guns smuggled are in to stay although the country is used as a transit point for illegal gun smugglers.

Studies show that the local gun manufacturing industry is made up of blacksmiths whose knowledge is passed on to the next generation, and occasionally to apprentices.

Manufacturers are mainly into the making of pistols, shotguns (including single-barrel and double-barrel), automatic rifles and ammunition.

Blacksmiths in Ghana are even able to reproduce – at least in appearance – assault weapons, such as the AKM; a version of the AK-47.

In Ghana, local manufacturers are estimated to have the capacity to produce over 200,000 weapons annually.
Mr. Saani, in his submission, urged state authorities to take steps in dealing with this menace to prevent the influx of small arms in the country.

He further advised authorities to intensify their activities to prevent the stealing of weapons by criminals from our security agencies.