Any guy who owns a Benz before age 35 is a scammer- Lady claims

A lady on Twitter has sparked threads of conversations with her tweet about rich young men.

In a tweet by a user who goes by the name @NaNaAKHUA, she bluntly mentioned that any man who is below the age of 35 but cruises in a Mercedes Benz is involved in something illegal.

She asserted that per the hindrances in the way of youth in the country, it is imperceptible that a young man could afford to buy a Mercedes.

Her tweet has generated a conversation on social media about whether he thoughts are right or not.

She wrote, “Any guy less than 35yrs who uses a Benz is a scammer. Periodt.”

see her tweet below:

While some agree that it is hard to make it as a youngster, many also believe that it is pretty wild to draw such conclusions.

A user by name @Lahly24 called the lady shallow-minded for thinking there aren’t genuinely rich young folks out there.

Curated below are some reactions to the tweet;

Although, NaNa AKHUA got the attention she may have been looking for, I bet she wasn’t ready for the backlash that came with it.