Apam: Over 20 children drown after they went swimming

The Apam community has been thrown in a state of mourning after over 20 people got drowned in the Apam sea.

The District Police Commander of the area, DSP Moses Osakono, who confirmed the story, revealed that so far about 8 bodies have been retrieved from the sea.

He continued that his men and a search team have been put in place to help retrieve the other bodies from the sea.

”We were able to retrieve 6 bodies in the morning. We are collaborating with the DCE. My investigator is also here. So very soon, we will mobilize the bodies to see how many we have lost,” he told the media.

Some people in the area have revealed that those who got drown went to the sea to swim.

But DSP Osakono explained that the area where the incident happened had been closed to the public since the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

He went on to say that the children were not seen whiles making their way to the sea to go and swim explaining that they used the route which is near the Apam river to the sea adding that those who lived around the sea could not even see them.

Watch the video below:

DSP revealed though though his outfit heard rumours of drowning on Sunday, official report was made to them on Monday.