Bukom Banku threatens to beat Akrobeto for talking about his bleaching

Bukom Banku has rebutted Akrobeto’s statements about him after the latter bashed him for bleaching his skin.

Akrobeto who was disgusted by the boxer and comedian’s persistent bleaching lambasted him and threatened to slap some sense into him the next time they meet.

“Bukom, stop bleaching your skin. Stop it. It is not good. I am ready to slap him if I see him and notice he’s still bleaching. It is bad. It will affect you so stop it,” Akrobeto said.

However, the professional boxer born Braima Kamoko has responded saying that he has stopped bleaching but not because of Akrobeto’s threats.

Bukom Banku called Akrobeto soft work as he also threatened to show him who the man is the next time he sees him at UTV.

Speaking to DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, he indicated that ”Akrobeto is small. When I catch him, he go see. When somebody bleach their self and you talk, when I meet am face to face, he will see that this is a man.”

Bukom Banku added that former president John Mahama personally called him and asked him to quit bleaching and so he has stopped.

Clearly, both celebrities are just giving fans something to talk about as it goes without saying that they have mutual respect for each other.