Central Region: Palm wine tapper who went missing found with the head cut off

A piece of heart-wrenching tidings received this morning confirms the death of one Agya Manu, a palm wine tapper in the Upper Denkyira East District of the Central Region.

The man believed to be in his 50’s who went missing for days has been found dead with a missing head on a farm at Dunkwa Asoboa, Ghpage gathers.

By reports, the palm wine tapper was alleged to have been murdered for ritual purposes reason his head was cut off and dumped in the bush.

On April 20, the body was found lying at the entrance of the farm he went to tap the palm wine by one Maame Otu.

Maame Otu rushed home to give the news of the dead body she had found, and community members of Asoboa in Dunkwa rushed to the farm to check.

The family of the deceased confirmed it was him after close examination of the headless body.

Reports indicate that Agya Manu on Sunday 18 April went to his farm to tap some palm wine. He was to return early and join the family for the Sunday service.

We are told the man left home as early as 5:30 am on Sunday. He couldn’t join the family for church services and the family made their way to the church premises thinking he would come at will.

The church closed with no sign of him. The family returned home and was nowhere to be found.

Alarmed by that development, Agya Manu’s elder children were sent to trace his footsteps, and they came home with the bottle he was carrying for the palm wine.

The man had abandoned the bottle at the exact end he was to fetch the palm wine. The news went rife in the town and subsequently, a search was organized but it proved futile.

Police in Dunkwa has taken custody of the body while samples of his blood have been taken to Dunkwa On-Offin government hospital.

Meanwhile, the police have promised to lead an investigation into the matter and arrest anybody behind the death of the deceased.