Community declares war on Chinese galamseyers over farm destruction, Assemblyman’s banishment

Residents of Hia, a farming community in the Amansie Central District of the Ashanti Region have declared war on Chinese miners in the community following the banishment of Assemblyman for Hia Anthony Kwakye Aborah by the traditional leaders. on Thursday, February 11, 2021, reported about the banishment of the assemblyman by chiefs of the area for fighting Chinese miners in the community over the compensation to locals.

The residents expressing their grievances to Pure Fm’s Osei Kwadwo explained that illegal miners in the community have destroyed thousands of acres farmlands without compensation yet traditional authorities look on unconcerned because they benefit from the actions of residents.

According to them, farmers in the community now struggle to get land for farming activities since all their lands have been destroyed by the illegal miners (galamseyers).

“We are gradually losing access to potable water due to the effects of illegal mining activities also known as “galamsey” in the area. Our land and water bodies have all been polluted due to ongoing galamsey activities in our community.  Farming activities have greatly been affected due to the fact that lands we cultivate crops on have been destroyed by illegal miners. They lamented

“We are no longer going to allow illegal miners to tormenting our lives in our own community. We are afraid to go to our farms due to harassment we go through in the hands the galamseyers especially the Chinese miners. Our farms have been destroyed without compensation and it is making us poor and poorer by the day. We are starving because we cannot even to go farm for foodstuffs”.

They added that “We will soon import water from Kumasi or other communities for domestic use because all our water bodies have been destroyed. When you fetch water, you have to wait for 30 minutes before you can use the water”.

Meanwhile the residents have declared their support for the assemblyman of the community for fighting for them and his willing to demand compensation for farmers whose farms have been destroyed.

Whereas they disagree with the action of the traditional authorities, they have threatened to face them squarely in order to ensure that the right things are done. Zoure/2021