One Zakaria A. Karim, a polling station executive on Tuesday during the Savelugu Constituency Delegates Conference of the NPP, is alleged to have, on the influence of the Northern Regional Organiser and some others, declared Savelugu’s unflinching support for Bawumia in the upcoming contest. A move that has angered many delegates in the constituency.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, a group of delegates are seen protesting against what they call an attempt to impose the will of a few mafia group of persons on the whole region, and Savelugu for that matter.

One of the speakers in the video, Abdullah Mustapha Deeshini, polling station executive for Savelugu New Town Mosque describe the declaration as “valueless” and urged all to disregard it.

“I think his declaration is valueless because he has no right or capacity to stand on the whole polling station executives and declare support for one of the flag bearer hopefuls”, the polling station secretary for Savelugu New Town Mosque stated.


Mr. Deeshini also described the announcement as “sad and unconstitutional”.

Even though Mr. Zakaria is a Polling Station Executive, he said he has no capacity to declare the support of other Polling Station Executive in the constituency for the Vice President.

“They [National Executives] did not tell us to do that, we didn’t agree to do that, so he did that on his own accord and it was through the influence of the Regional Organsier and Savelugu constituency secretary. They forced him to do that.

…We therefore wish to state categorically that he has no capacity to do what he did. We therefore ask the media and the public to treat this declaration with contempt and valueless it deserves”, he asserted.


He argues that he could not, apart from its unconstitutionality, make such a decision for the whole constituency.

Mr. Mustapha Deeshini however warned Regional Executives of the party who think they can influence the grassroots to do their bidding to stop such moves because no regional executive member can influence the grassroots.

“No Regional Executive can influence the grassroots, I mean the Electoral Area Coordinators and the Polling Station Executives, no regional executive can influence anybody to do what he or she wants,” he emphasised.