Defense minister Dominic Nitiwul affirms Ghana’s borders are highly protected

Ghana’s Minister for Defense, Dominic Nitiwul, has affirmed that Ghana’s borders are highly protected from terrorist attacks.

He said Ghana is at higher risk of terrorist attacks and as a result the military is not relenting in its efforts in protecting the borders from external forces.

According to the minister, “Government is continuously retooling the military to continue to deliver in every facet of their operation.”

He made this statement while inspecting ongoing military instalation projects at Burma Camp and Tema.

Ongoing projects include the Chief of the Defence Staff Office Block, office block for the Chief of the Army Staff, housing units for the Military Academy and Training School, military warehouse, housing unit for Senior Officers of the Ghana Armed Forces.

Some of the projects undertaken are part of the hundred million dollar Chinese loan while others are internally generated funds from the military.

Mr. Nitiwul continued that government is in the process of acquiring two OPVs for the Ghana Airforce, and have also placed orders for six fighter jets to be delivered in the next two years.

“We are reequipping the Armed Forces and the next month we would commission 70 armored vehicles and then we have also signed a contract to rebuild the 37 Military Hospital, and we expect it to be completed within the next 30 months,” he disclosed.

The Minister of Defence continued that the government has also built military bases in the northern sector to stop internal conflict as well as any terrorist attack.

He urged the public to stop attacking men in uniform but rather support them since without the security, there can be no country.

“The armed forces is very important to the security of this nation and it’s the duty of government to ensure that the armed forces have what they will need in order to defend us.

“Many countries have seen the need and did not prepare themselves and have really suffered for it.

“We do not want that, we are a peaceful nation and would continue to do that, and I hope that any government in power will continue to do same to take the armed forces seriously and invest in the armed forces,” he maintained.

Lt Colonial Albert Tekyi, Deputy Director in charge of Engineering Services, who took the minister and his entourage around, said most of the projects were almost completed.

He said the office complex for the Chief of the Defence Staff which contained 50 offices was 95% complete, while work on the seven storey office complex for the Chief of the Army Staff, which would contain 105 offices was progressing steadily.

On the housing units for platoon commanders at the Ghana Military Academy, he said work was almost completed and would be handed over to the academy in the next two months.

Accompanying the minister was the deputy minister for defence, service chiefs and other senior military officers.