Don’t deny your husband sex even if you’re tired- Pastor advises

Tetebremu Kennedy Afreh Poku, a Ghanaian man of God, has advised women never to deny their husbands of sex no matter how tired they are.

Interviewed on eTV Ghana’s ‘In Bed with Adwen’ adult show, he told host, Justice Boakye Danquah, popularly known as Adwen the Love Doctor that women denying their husbands of sex is what triggers them to have affairs out of the marriage sometimes.

“I advise married women that the excuse of being tired should not come up in a marriage. Even if you’re tired, just lie down and allow him to rub his penis on your vagina so that he can cum. If you tell him you’re tired, he can just drive out and find someone out there to satisfy him”, he said.

Talking about whether or not it should be an issue if a man goes to seek pleasure elsewhere after his wife has denied him sex, he mentioned that “A lot of women are too jealous so sometimes, the man would just be talking to a lady and even without knowing who she is or what they are talking about, she will start an argument about it.

If you say you’re tired, then why complain? The excuse of ‘I’m tired’ needs to stop because as soon as the penis is hard, it needs direction. If it doesn’t get direction, that is when problems begin to arise in the home”, the Apostle further advised.