Edem shames Shatta Wale about rape culture

Ghanaian musician Edem has said that it was wrong for Shatta Wale to admit to alleged rape on social media and brag about it.

Shatta Wale made the comment while he was engaged in a heated argument with Nigerian musician Burna Boy.

Shatta Wale’s tweet reads: “Because he is a rapist He is jealous I did the same to his girl cuz that’s his job Raping jealousy

The rape comment has angered a lot of people, with many of them calling for the arrest of the dancehall artist.

Edem, who is the Volta Regime Music Group (VRMG) boss, sais in a tweet that it was very unfortunate that Shatta Wale will make such a rape reference and be happy about it.

Edem’s tweet read: “Bro you can’t be Proud that you RAPED a girl..”