Ex-convict makes shocking revelation about Mobile money fraud in Nsawam prison

An ex-convict has made some shocking revelations about how mobile money fraud are committed and illicit drugs are sold to prisoners at the Nsawam medium prison.

Daniel Ofori who was arrested for drug peddling in 2011 disclosed that most prison guards are neck-deep in the affairs of inmates who are allowed to use iPhones for fraudulent activities.

He narrated that during their communal activities in town, officers like Shandolf would force him to insect packs of cigarette and weed into his anus to later sell to the inmates and after render sales.

“I even had an officer, Shandolf who went to town with me for communal duties and he would allow us to beg for money which he would later take from us to buy packs of cigarette, tramadol and weed for us to insect into our anus and later remove it to sell to the inmates.

“For Opetey, he seizes mobile phones and demanded money to the tune of 150 cedis for smartphones and 30 cedis for analogue phones,” Ofori said on UTV.

He added, one of the tormenting things at the prison was the spate of anal sex, where old inmates take advantage of new inmates.

The ex-convict who spent 10-years in jail also professed that donations made to the prisoners never get to them as the guards take stock of the items and sold it to them on the blindside of donors.

Daniel Ofori was released in June 2021. He disclosed that, he was released from jail without being given any money to travel back home to where he resides.

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