Ex-convict shares experience after spending 10 years in prison

Prisons are established for the confinement of persons accused or convicted of crimes in contravention of the law.

The correctional facility or rehabilitation centre, as some may choose to call it, in some instances is expected to transform convicts into better people. But it appears that is not entirely the truth on the ground as it sometimes transforms convicts for the worse due to some acts they are exposed to.

An ex-convict has shared his experience in prison after completing a 10-year jail term as he opened up about some criminal activities rampant in prison.

He was arrested and sentenced in 2011 for drug-related offences.

Sharing his experience on UTV, the ex-convict, who was in holding at Nsawam Prison, said he witnessed so many evil acts in the facility.

He indicated that some inmates engage in Mobile Money fraud while others pose as fetish priests and duped unsuspecting victims outside.

According to him, one of the most disturbing acts that take place in the facility is homosexuality. He stated categorically that prison officers who man the place are well aware of this.

He alleged that an officer in charge employed him to smuggle marijuana and cigarettes into the prison yard by shoving them into his anal canal and sell it at exorbitant prices to inmates.

Among many other illegal activities that take place, he divulged that some inmates use mobile phones which are prohibited by law. He added that SIM cards used for fraudulent activities are also available for sale in the facility.

Watch the full video below.