Female pastor narrates how she became a lesbian at age 10

Baaba Djirackor, a reverend minister and renowned relationship counsellor in Sekondi-Takoradi has given a detailed account of how she was initiated into lesbianism.

Speaking on Kofi TV in an interview monitored by GhanaWeb, Reverend Baaba Djirackor stated that, her ‘school mother’ in an undisclosed secondary school introduced to her the act at age ten.

She said, “I got admission to a secondary school after passing my common entrance. And my mom sent me to school as a 10-year-old girl. The first person my mom met was an elderly student who was very kind to us. My mom then handed me to her as my school mother. She was in form five. My mom entrusted my care into her hands. Little did my mother know that she was the going to introduce me to lesbianism.

“I was naïve and she knew more than me. She asked to sleep by her side and she started making advances. She tried putting her hand in my panty and I cringed but she assured me there was nothing wrong and I will go to heaven if I did it. As a 10-year-old child I believed her and she went ahead to have her first sexual encounter with me.”

She continued: “I had one partner but I think she had more partners. She warned me that if I told anyone I was going to die. It was painful the first time but as time went on it became normal and like every sex it was nice. I stayed in the school for five years and from that period I became a lesbian. I graduated from beginner and I started enjoying and got myself a partner after she left. It was addictive.”

She further narrated after form five, she opted to change cities, so she came to Accra for her sixth form with the major objective to continue her lesbian activities.

In Accra she pitched camp with an uncle who had a daughter of same age as her. They both lived in the same room and she had vowed never to marry any man but things turned around for her following a spiritual encounter she had one morning.

The Reverend Minister said, “I moved from Takoradi to Accra because I wanted to continue the promiscuity and didn’t want anyone to control me. I came to Accra and went to a mixed school. I stayed with an uncle who had daughter of the same age and she influenced me. One day, she asked me to join her church and I rejected. At that time I still haven’t had a partner in Accra for some unknown reason.

“She once again told me go to church but this time proposed that I go to a church of my choice and not her church. I was fed up and decided to go to Calvary Baptist where I used to worship in Takoradi. We went to the branch at Circle. My mindset was to introduce myself to the church…During the service they asked us to come forward and I got mixed up with those who had come to accept Christ.

“We were made to say some prayer and I said it playfully. I had a supernatural encounter that night. We had a picture of Jesus and around midnight I felt someone was pulling me from the bed. I thought it was my cousin so I yelled at her to stop but the person pulled me from the bed and my eyes was fixated on the picture of Jesus.

“I was instructed by the picture to recite the prayers I said in the church. I did it and afterward I was crying like a kid. My cousin got awoke and was worried but I couldn’t talk. I was just crying and that was my turnaround. From that time I gave my life to Christ. Jesus himself revealed himself to me,” she stressed.

Reverend Baaba who believes lesbianism is spiritual said like sex between man and woman, the lesbian encounter was enjoyable