French Ambassador advises illegal migrants there’re no greener pastures in Europe

Madam Anne-Sophie Ave, the French Ambassador to Ghana, has expressed concerns about the mass exodus of the youth in Africa in search of better-paid jobs.

Many Ghanaians, especially the youths, in search of what they term ‘greener pastures’ use unapproved routes and means to migrate to the Western world.

Modernghana News monitored Miss Anne Sophie-Ave’s interview on the Accra-based 3FM’s sunrise show on Wednesday, July 20, where she reminds illegal migrants about the risk involved.

To her, there is nothing like greener pastures anywhere indicating that “but your success depends on how hard you strive in life, regardless of where you are.”

She added, “I don’t think there are greener pastures in France or Europe. Unless you have a job already or a company that will hire you because you have a specific skill that is required.”

The diplomat emphasized that travelling to France or any European country without qualifications or expertise, as well as without relatives, is extremely dangerous.

“Going to France illegally like pretending you’re a tourist and trying to immigrate is going to make your life miserable,” she said.