Frustrasted Ghanaian man storms Kotoka Airport to travel abroad by force without passport (Video)

A young Ghanaian man has been captured in a video at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) attempting to travel out of the country at his own will without possessing the necessary documents.

According to reports, the young man who appeared to be highly frustrated could not provide a passport upon request by security personnel at the airport.

He was subsequently asked to return home as he didn’t meet the requirements for travelling, but he would not badge as he was bent on leaving the shores of the country at all cost.

The man wanted to leave the country with a polythene bag which was assumed to contain his belongings.

He was also seen wearing a pair of jeans over a T-shirt and complimented his looks with slippers.

A security man was seen trying to escort the young man out of the airport premises after his attempt to get onboard an aircraft prove futile.

The footage has been widely shared online and sparked mixed reactions among Ghanaians.

While some are stunned by the man’s bravery, others stand to sympathize with him as they share their sentiments about the struggles of the youth in the country.

Watch the video below.