According to her, there seems to be a complete disconnect between the current NPP government and the ordinary unemployed Ghanaian.

This for her is the only explicable reason for a government that promised bread and butter for its people would still go to the extent of robbing the struggling unemployed youth.

Speaking on the Prime Morning show with Benjamin Akakpo monitored by ModernGhana News, she explained that, the government is no longer sensitive to the worries of unemployed youth.

“These young people do not have any jobs, have no proper source of livelihood, even after graduating from tertiary school, coupled with Covid backlash, and the best the government could do is to extort 100 cedis from hungry youth in the name of charges…,” she said.


She calls on the Presidency to immediately stop the collection of the Ghc100 fee and possibly refund all monies collected from people applying to join the security services.