God doesn’t bless people who pray – Captain Smart

Radio personality Captain Smart has described the actions of some Pastors as madness indicating that they are the cause of the backward nature of the African continent.

A video which has since gone viral has seen a Pastor and his congregants butchering satan with a machete in their church.

In the video, the congregants are seen seated on the floor of the church whiles speaking in tongues and cutting the devil hampering their lives into pieces.

But reacting to this, Captain Smart who was shocked indicated that these are the people to be blamed for the backward nature of the African Continent.

He noted that quality time which could be used for productive work is been used to kill the devil and that is very worrying.

To him, it’s high time the Christian fraternity is regulated in order to stop some of these uncalled for practices which is taking all the time whiles Christians continue to wallow in poverty.

“God doesn’t bless people who just pray. He blesses people who pray and also a reason. So it’s not about you going to sit in Church and pray all the time. God will not bless you. Africa what is this, what is this? Why are we becoming fools?”

He noted that it’s even shocking that people who attend these Churches are professionals who should know better.

He noted that 80% of the people in the world are Christians and therefore Christians are the cause of the problems in the world so if they stop stealing from their offices, corruption will end and the world will be a better place.

Source: My News GH

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