Headteacher sets-up barbering saloon to shave students with bushy hair

The headteacher of St. Peters SHS has stated emphatically that they would never admit any student with bushy hair talk more of students with dread locks.

The issue of Achimota school rejecting two Rastafarian students following their intention to show up in the school with their dreadlocks.

As it stands now, the students have been directed by the GES to shave off their locks so they can be admitted into the Achimota school.

In the wake of the issue, the headteacher of St. Peters according to some sources the headmaster of the school has even set up a barbering salon to make sure students’ non-approved hairstyles “are converted into clean-shaven student haircuts”.

Although the move by the headmaster is good as some people say, others including some old students are also of the belief that it’s against the students’ fundamental human rights.

They called on the school authorities to admit students into the institution irrespective of their hairstyles.