Housemaid who fed baby with urine sentenced to 4 Years in Prison

The housemaid who fed her employers baby with her urine has been sentenced to four(4) years in imprisonment for her act.

A few days ago a video surfaced on social media that shows the moment a house help was caught on camera feeding months old baby with urine making people question why she would such a thing.

Well, she was arrested and arraigned by a court of law where she was found guilty and handed a four-year jail sentence.

According to her employer in narrating the incident, he explained that he had informed the house help he was going to town but few minutes after stepping out, he realised he had forgotten something so he decided to rush home.

Upon reaching the house he saw the feeding bottle with the content and wanted to see what the content was only to know it was urine that the housemaid was feeding the baby with.

The court after hearing the narration and before passing their judge requested that a test be carried on the baby the results came out that the baby was infected with Syphilis.

Based on that the court decided to sentence her for four years to serve as a deterrent to other housemaids having similar plans