I beat you with over 2000 votes; you call that a small margin- Maa Lydia trolls Dumelo

Lydia Seyram Alhassan seems to never miss a moment to take a dig at John Dumelo, who was her fellow contender in the parliamentary elections for Ayawaso West Wuogon.

In one of the most anticipated contests in the just-ended polls, actor turned politician, John Dumelo, came up against Maa Lydia.

Representing the NPP, the incumbent MP for the area retained her seat in parliament garnering 39,851 to John Dumelo’s 37,778 votes.

Others like A Plus and James Gardiner also congratulated the actor for giving the incumbent a run for her money and pulling some good numbers as a first-timer.

Meanwhile, Maa Lydia has debunked the idea that the race was a close one pointing to the fact that winning with over 2000 votes was not a slim margin.

At her victory party, Maa Lydia maintained that her win was a convincing one while thanking voters for entrusting back in her competent hands the future of the constituency.

“I hear people saying I won with a slim margin. Slim margin? Do you call over 2000 votes small? You don’t know what you’re saying”, she said.

In another story, John Dumelo’s wife, Gifty Mawunya Nkornu, expressed her unflinching love and support to her husband and his dream to join the table of decision-makers in the country.

Gifty in a post congratulated Dumelo for putting up a good fight as a member of the NDC in an NPP dominated area and wish him success in the future.