I gave him four hot rounds of intercourse before he allowed me to leave – Woman who was freed by Ghanaian policeman speaks after rearrest 

The lady at the centre of the infamous ‘sex for prison break’ scandal has revealed that the officer on duty, Lance Corporal Isaac Amofa requested four solid rounds of sex before he allowed her to escape.
The lady, Theresa revealed this to reporters after she was rearrested when she attempted to buy cigarettes in town. During questioning, the young woman said she was purchasing packs of cigarettes in order to sell them and use the proceeds to help her child.Reporter Nyansapo Timothy stated to Angel News that Theresa, who had escaped from police cells in Nkafoa, Central Region was transported back to the cells and will appear before the court again pending another trial.

Lance Corporal Isaac Amofa in the wee hours approached the inmate and asked that if she allowed him to have carnal knowledge of her, he will aid in her escape. Theresa instantly fell for the bait and she allowed him to have sexual intercourse with her on the blind side of everyone.

Corporal Amofa opened the gate for her to escape after everything was completed, as promised.

When Theresa returned home, her family members were terrified since they had no idea why she had been freed and didn’t want it to appear that she had breached the law, so they began grilling her. She then proceeded to recount everything that had occurred.