I have been attacked spiritually because of my fetish roles in movies- Komfo Kolege

Kumawood actor Komfo Kolege has revealed that he once keeled over while playing his usual fetish priest roles in a movie due to a spiritual attack.

In an interview with Okyeame Quophi on Angel FM, the actor, known for his ”Okomfour” roles in movies, was asked whether he had ever encountered any kind of spiritual warfare due to his roles said yes.

Komfo Kolege narrated that onetime on a movie set, he was doing some fetish recitations and suddenly blacked out.

”In that particular movie, I passed out because of the traditional costume I had on coupled with the powerful words I was speaking. I have a lot of pastor friends and so my manager called one of the pastors who came along with his team to pray for me,” Kolege said.

He added that when he finally came into consciousness, the prophet told him that he had been attacked spiritually.

”The prophet said that an evil spirit was hovering around where we were shooting and because of the powerful words I was speaking challenged me spiritually. It had no idea that we were only shooting a movie,” he said as they all broke into a moment of laughter.


Meanwhile, Kolege is one of Kumawood’s finest actors and his trademark fetish priest roles are what most people know him by.