I was forced to drink my own urine in America to save myself from going to prison – Wayoosi recounts

Ghanaian actor, Wayoosi has shared one of the most embarrassing moments he had to endure to save himself from being arrested in the United States.

According to Wayoosi, he was caught in an awkward moment in America and the only he could do to save himself was to drink his own urine.

He shared this in an interview in comparison to how the system in America makes people disciplined contrary to Ghana’s.

The actor says during one of his trips to America be had to urinate in a bottle because it’s not like Ghana where one could urinate anywhere on the streets.

One day, he was walking with the big bottle filled with his urine and he sat in a car only for the police to walk into the car to racially profile the blacks on suspicion someone could be carrying drugs.

The police upon seeing the bottle with a coloured substance asked the owner and in a quick response admitted it was his with the content in the bottle being his medicine.

The police picked it up, opened it to verify only to find out its urine and to save himself from further questions, Wayoosi said he told the police that he drinks his urine to cure a health condition on the advice of his medical doctor.

Before the police officer could say, Jack, Wayoosi drank the urine to defend the lies he told him. The Officer then told his colleagues, they should leave him alone because he’s mad.

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