If you slap me I’ll slap you harder I’m a follower of Moses, not Jesus Christ; – Ajagurajah

The founder and leader of the Ajagurajah Movement in Ghana, Odeefuɔ Kwabena Asiamah commonly known as Ajagurajah says Jesus Christ is not his role model but he believes in Him.

“I believe in Jesus Christ but I don’t follow His footsteps,” he stated.

He added “You can like someone but that person must not necessarily be your role model. Jesus is not my role model. Moses is my role model but, I love and I adore and I believe in Christ but I don’t practice his ways. That is why I don’t call myself a Christian.”

Ajagurajah added, “Before you can become a Christian you need to practice what Christ did. His humility, his forgiving spirit because he says if someone slaps you on your left cheek, turn the right one for the person. I cannot do that because if you slap me, I shall return the slap. Because of this, I cannot be a Christian”.

He said this on One Ghana TV monitored on their official Facebook page called “One Ghana TV”.

When asked why he believes in Christ but cannot follow his steps, Odeefuɔ Asiamah explained that there is a difference between believer and follower. “You can believe someone but may not follow that individual’s ways and footsteps.”

Giving example he said that, he said he believes Kwame Nkrumah came to Ghana and got us independence but he (Ajagurajah) is not a politician. “There are a lot of people who love Kwame Nkrumah but are not members of the Convention People’s Party (CPP). How about that one.

“Someone loves Kwame Nkrumah but not a CPP member. It doesn’t mean because you love Nkrumah, you must necessarily be a CPP member”.

He explains that being a believer of Jesus Christ without following his ways is not anything strange.

Again when his view was sought regarding Odeefuɔ Aquah’s admonition of him to desist from using the Ajagurajah name in public, Kwabena Asiamah stated, “Odeefuɔ Akwa knows his father and knows his beginnings and understands this whole spiritual church movement.”