Injured NDC protesters denied treatment – Sosu

Supporters of the NDC who were arrested Thursday for protesting at the EC headquarters are expected to be arraigned in court today.

The supporters in their hundreds besieged the EC headquarters for the second time to protest the result of the just-ended polls that saw the EC declare president Akufo-Addo as the winner.

The police had to resort to water cannons, firing of rubber bullets, and tear gas to disperse the agitating crowd.

Speaking to Starr News, Lawyer for the suspects and MP-elect for Madina Francis Xavier Sosu accused the police of assaulting his clients and refusing medical attention to those injured.

He noted “as we speak now there are a number of them that were injured, their wounds are fresh, they’ve been demanding that they are taken to the hospital or admitted to bail and police have refused. Clearly, for me, is in violation of the rights of these protesters.”

“Whiles police have the right to disperse unlawful assembly or unlawful protestation and perhaps make arrests under these circumstances, for me, the police have the duty to respect the rights of these protestors. Because the people who were arrested, not all of them were protesting, some were passersby who identified with the protest that was ongoing, and so on.”

He insisted that “the worst is that most of these protesters as I’ve interacted with them were people who were assaulted by the police officers who went and arrested them.”

He added that “in the car that brought them to the police station, they were fiercely assaulted and a lot of them are injured. And for me, whiles they have the right to arrest them and process them for court, the injured are entitled to some medical attention and that’s where my worry is right now.

Lawyer Sosu maintained that the police have not given any reason for denying the suspects medical attention “Absolutely no reason” he said.