His assertion comes on the back of the numerous churches dotted in every corner of the country in recent years with miracle working clergies often fingered in scandals.

They have been accused of often hiring actors to fake miracles and help their course to become popular.

According to Uncle Ebo Whyte, such pastors are magicians who have forcefully made themselves men of God.

“Magicians are no more on stages and in cinemas, they have styled themselves as pastors. They have brought the same tricks and put God’s name in it and have started churches to make more money,” the well-known playwright told Starr FM in an interview.

Uncle Ebo Whyte added, “I am making a distinction between well-regulated churches run by people who fear God and preach what the bible says, and churches run by people who I don’t think read the bible.”

James Ebo Whyte has become a celebrated playwright after authoring a number of top-rated plays in the country in the last decade.

He is with Roverman Productions as a lead writer and continues to light up cinemas in the country.

His latest play the ‘Devil’s Wife’ is set to hit the cinemas this month.