Man beheads his grandmother and presents her head to the police in a bucket (Video)

There is news of a man who has murdered his own grandmother and presented the head to the police as proof of the crime. The incident happened in Kisumu Central Police Station in Kenya.

The 24-year-old man killed his grandmother who lives with him, his siblings, and their parents on Monday, April 5th, in Nyalenda slum, Kenya.

After killing the old lady, he placed the head in a plastic bag and placed it in a bucket, and sent it to the police station.

At the police station, the officers assumed he had a relative at the station and came to present food or something to him but he told the police to look into the bucket.

It was there they found the head of the woman whom he confessed as his grandmother he just killed. He was immediately locked up in police cells.

The young man later led the police to his house where the body of his grandmother was still lying. The police retrieved the body and sent it to the morgue.

As to why the man committed such a crime, police are yet to find out as the investigation continues.

Watch a report by local media in Kenya below

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