Man who killed his 41 year old wife explains his side of the story

Nigerian police have arrested Christopher Chiabata who according to multiple reports struck his 41 year old wife with a pestle during a fight.

After he realized the wife had died he tried to commit suicide by taking his own life as well but the neighbors around stopped him and handed him to the police.

According to the man he will not deliberately murder his beloved wife but it was a just a self defense which resulted to the death of his wife.

Reports say Chiabata has been married with his wife for 15 years with five children but unfortunately they have been fighting frequently through the years they have been together.

The cause of their frequent fights is that Chiabata believes the wife has been cheating him from the revenues of their family business.

“Whenever I take our produce to the market, she does not give me an account of the sales. For two years she refused to give me an account of the money we have realized from the farm.

So one day, I called her to give me an account and when she refused we started fighting until neighbours separated us. “In anger, the next day, I asked her to leave the farm business for me to handle alone. One day when I returned from the farm, she had packed my things out of the house.

That day we fought again and neighbours separated and settled us. “Fed up the whole development, I asked her to pack out of the house the following day but she refused. Then we started fighting at that point. She is stronger than me so each time we fight she would beat me mercilessly. So this time as she was beating me, out of anger, I struck her with a pestle.

It was at that point she collapsed. Neighbours helped rush her to the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital where she died,” He narrated.