Minister for Railways Development, says Government cannot fund sky-train project

Minister for Railways Development, John-Peter Amewu, said that government cannot construct a sky-train in Ghana in the next three years.

The reason is because its balance sheet and fiscal space is not sound to fund a 12-billion-dollar sky-train project.

He said constructing a sky-train could cost between 11 and 12 million dollars per a kilometre, it would be impossible to undertake such a project today.

Mr. Amewu emphasised “Constructing a sky-train is not like building a road so, if we consider a period of three years, it is impossible. Sometimes, we have to be honest and objective and that’s why I said for the period of three years, it is not possible.”

Mr Amewu said this in Accra on Wednesday when answering a question on Government’s strategy to mobilise funds for its numerous railway projects.

The government had signed a concessionaire agreement with a South African company to build a sky-train in Ghanawhich is a Memorandum of Understanding and not binding.

Mr Amewu added that sources for funding railway infrastructure had become very difficult due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, therefore, the only way Ghana could fund its railway projects was through payment of levies and taxes by the citizens.

“Infrastructure projects all over the world are funded by the citizens and so, if we, the citizens, decide to build our infrastructure projects, we can do it.

“We, the citizens, are the development agents and the only way we can fund such projects is through internally-generated funds by paying our levies and taxes,” the Minister added.