Nigerian Immigrants duped into prostitution apprehended by security agencies

10 female and four males have been arrested at Adansi Asokwa in the Ashanti Region over suspicion of engaging in prostitution.

The female suspects are reported to be Nigerians, while the males are reported to be Ghanaians.

They were apprehended at a popular drinking bar in Adansi Asokwa, which is christened as the ‘Adansi Red Drinking Spot’ on Friday.

The security operation was carried out by a joint team of Police, Immigration officers and others security personnel.

It is believed that the security forces had stormed the drinking spot, a notorious prostitution base, in the evening.

The security agents quickly rounded up all the suspects and started to question them right at the popular drinking bar.

Preliminary reports indicated that one Diamond Tutu, a female Nigerian, brought the 10 female Nigerians into the country sometime ago.

Diamond was said to have promised the ladies well paid jobs in Ghana which made them follow her to Adansi Asokwa.

But the hopes of the 10 female Nigerians got dashed upon arrival as the decent jobs they were promised turned out to be a hoax.

They have since been allegedly forced into prostitution to get money and fend for themselves.

The owner of the drinking spot was also arrested during the security operation but Diamond, who is the main suspect, was nowhere to be found.

The police are still investigating the case as efforts are also being made to locate and apprehend Diamond to assist the police in their investigations.