Nine people die in renewed clashes between feuding factions in Bawku

At least nine people died in renewed clashes between feuding factions in the Bawku township in the Upper East Region.

The clashes took place over two days, Sunday and Monday respectively and it is not clear what might have led to the latest turmoil.

Residents believe it may have been triggered by the pending misunderstanding and periodic violent clashes in the area over the years.

On Sunday, there was an exchange of gun fire, which damaged a transformer and caused power outage in a section of the town.

The Northern Electricity Distribution Company’s personnel repaired the damaged transformer and electricity power has been restored to areas that had their power cut off.

Residents said they are living in fear, as they do not know why the deceased persons were killed on Sunday and Monday, and also, do not know when anyone may be hit by a stray bullet.

From the beginning of 2022, teachers and many government workers have been transferred from the Bawku Municipality, thereby reducing the number of very important workforce in the area. There are still a large number that are also seeking transfers from various schools and health facilities.

Other residents say the situation has affected their businesses and caused many to lose their jobs because their employers folded up and run away from the frequent violent clashes and killings in the area.

Executive Secretary of Small Arms Commission and Light Weapons (NACSA), Afi Yakubu, said there are still thousands of arms illegally acquired by people that are being used for all kinds of criminal activities.

“The spread of illegal weapons has been the cause of conflicts in some parts of the country. This illegal acquisition of arms poses a serious and sustainable threat to security in the country,” she said.

Ms. Yakubu called on the citizenry to assist the Police Service by reporting persons with illegally acquired arms to reduce the rate of conflicts and killings in the country, adding, “Conflicts leave indelible scars of untold suffering and separation and hardships.”

Meanwhile, the Ministry for the Interior has reviewed the existing curfew hours in the Bawku Municipality. Now the curfew starts from 6:00pm to 6:00am.

With this, businesses that operate mostly in the night, will seriously be affected and bring some level of hardship to affected persons and their families.