Nkoranza protests under control after police reinforcements deployed to the town

Ghana Police has deployed heavy security to the farming community of Nkoranza in the Bono East Region following clashes between rampaging youth and local police.

Authorities put out a statement on Wednesday, May 18, saying that the situation has been under control and hope for economic activities in the town and its adjoining communities to begin again.

The statement continued “We, therefore, wish to assure all law-abiding citizens to go about their socio-economic activities without fear or hindrance, for the Police will do whatever it takes to protect their lives and property.”

In a protest against the alleged killing of Albert Akwasi Donkor, the youth attacked the Nkoranza Municipal Police Headquarters and freed at least six suspects in custody.

A security reinforcement from Techiman stopped the youth from throwing stones and clubs at police, after destroying properties, including vehicles, at the Police headquarters.

Police authorities said, “We responded appropriately to the situation, including bringing reinforcement teams from the Regional Headquarters and adjoining regions to restore law and order. Two suspects have so far been arrested in connection with the attacks and are in Police custody.”

“All other persons involved in perpetrating this barbaric act are being pursued to face justice,” the statement added.

The protest has led to the death of one more person and at least nine persons who sustained gunshot wounds receiving treatment at St. Theresa’s Catholic Hospital.

According to the Administrator of the Hospital, Rev Father John Bremini, “we have about nine people who have suffered various injuries; some have been sent to the theatre for surgery. The second one is on the table that they are working.”

Giving details on the injuries sustained by the victims, he added, “I was told that one, the bullet penetrated through the stomach and they have to work on the intestines, and the other one was through the legs so had bled for many hours and now at the theatre that they are working on.

“The last one at the Emergency currently, there is a bullet in the chest. He was in a coma, so they have to do resuscitation; that has been done, so we hope that very soon, we have also to take him to the theatre to be operated on as well.”