Ogidi Brown threatens to beat prophets over fake election prophecies

OGB Music owner, Ogidi Brown, has sent a stern warning to prophets who gave false prophecies prior to the 2020 election.

The record label owner in a new video called for an end to all the fake prophecies going around.

In his candid opinion, if there is ever going to be any massive uproar in the country, these so-called men of God would have a hand in it.

He explained that if not controlled, these prophets could put Ghana in a state of confusion and sunder.

The Italy-based artiste mentioned that their contradicting prophecies make the church in general an object of ridicule.

The impaired young man revealed that he promised to give any man of God who could heal him and let him walk again a mansion but none of these so-called prophets could.

In 2015, Ogidi was involved in a near-fatal car accident in Italy which confined him to a wheelchair.

”Keep your mouths shut and stop disrespecting the name of God. We have had enough of your false prophecies. When God gives you a prophecy, pray about it in your closset and don;t bring it to the public domain and cause confusion”, he said.

He sarcastically threatened to beat any prophet who gives any false prophecies moving forward.